Told myself not to get a chocolate chunk cookie

It’s 2:29 pm. I actually got off work at my scheduled time of 1:00 pm. I’m glad because I’m so tired I feel sick. But, I’m still hungry. I’m always hungry. I get the flu and I’m still hungry. The only thing coming between me and my appetite is death.

Because I’m stuck here till 4:00 pm, I got a sandwich—grilled chicken pesto—oh yum. Anyhoo, I was waiting in line to pay and I kept telling myself, “You are not getting one of those evil chocolate chip cookies that are made by Lucifer.” So, I immediately looked to my right and caught the stack of Boulder Canyon chips on display. Ooh, I’ve been craving potato chips for two weeks, which I never do, which is weird cause I love taters. Ooh look, cheddar and sour cream flavor. Snatch, they were in my hand. Grumble.

I’ll just have to make the roomies help me eat them.

Ok, these are also made by Satan, probably in his comfy and rustic Rocky Mountain cabin.

It’s a good thing I am stuck here because I discovered I did not request 4/5 off for the venous ultrasound results session with Dr. Adcock. The app for Sprout’s employees wouldn’t let let me request it off because it’s too close today’s date. But, I also realized I hadn’t asked for my jury duty time off, either. Fuck! Well, it starts on 4/11 and that was the earliest day I could request off. I wasn’t sure how many days off I should request because a) I’m going to try to get out of it, and b) I’m only on standby status now, not summoned. So, I ended up requesting the whole week off and including a message that I was going to try and get out of it so I can work.

About the 5th, I wrote my boss a note apologizing for forgetting to request it off. She opened this morning, but I could not find her and rumor was she left for the day.

I think I’m sleep writing, and eating. I hope this is not nonsensical.

I just finished my sandwich and I put those deliciously evil chips away.

Later. Maybe. Maybe zZzzzZZZzz.😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

P.S. my boss popped in to clock out. She was on lunch. She said she got my note and getting 4/5 is not a problem. She hasn’t made that schedule yet. I told her about the jury duty pain in the ass. She said she can’t add hours, but I could call to see if they have a call out. She said they might possibly call me in, too.

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