4:00 am blog post

Blech, I’m still up. I’m antsy. I want to plan out my life for the next few weeks. I might be close to getting a vehicle, but I’ll need some Go Fund Me money because the vehicle is almost 1,000 miles away. And, I’m only working two days a week.

Wednesday, I have my appointment at Complete Care to get the results of my X-rays and my MRI. I will learn more about what direction my therapy is headed toward.

My mind is buzzing, but I’m exhausted and I feel simultaneously a little hungry and nauseous. My head just started throbbing too. I think I’m getting a migraine-a baby one. I should shut off the lights and go to sleep.

Whaaa. I don’t mean to whine. I really don’t. My life could be sucking so much more than it is. I am grateful it is not. I’m grateful for all the help I’ve received from friends and donors for both material and psychological support.

But, I wish this damn headache would vamoose. It started AFTER I took an 800mg ibuprofen. No placebo effect here.

I’m thinking of 500 things at once. Sometimes I feel as though I have ADHD, but I seriously doubt it. It’s probably an obscure bipolar symptom that doesn’t get advertised as much.

I feeling like my mind is all over the map. I’d like to be all over the map!

I need a vacation.

Maybe what I need is to run away.

There’s probably ten places in the world I would not go. They are Wisconsin and Indiana. JUST KIDDING. When Brian and I were a marital unit we had one of these cool illuminated globes. I lost custody of it in the divorce. But, I got the two cats. They were originally my fur babies anyway.

I need some running away money.

Knock, knock, Lottery Gods…are you listening?

Ooh, I won four bucks on Powerball. How exciting.

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