Free truck offer fell through

That’s ok. I greatly appreciate the offer.

I don’t know why, but I just liked the way that street light fixture loops up there, hanging out with the palm tree. Makes me think everything will be ok. I don’t know why I feel that way. I just do. And, that’s good.

My friend’s husband wants to keep it awhile longer. I don’t blame him; Ford F-150’s last forever!

She said she’s going to check the car donation places near her and see if they know anything about Florida counterparts. That gave me the idea to check around here myself. I thought, duh, why didn’t I think about that before????

The offer was very nice, but in the back of my mind I knew this could happen. I’m not at all upset.

This could still bear fruit, if I’m eligible for a free local car. I know there are such places because I’ve seen the tear jerking local news stories of people without vehicles receiving a donated one. Not having a car in Florida, where mass transit is thought to be a manifestation of socialism, is difficult.

Speaking of cars, my roommate, Rose, who had an inoperable Toyota for six months, once again has an inoperable Toyota.

In June of last year, she went to get into her car to go to work and discovered two flat tires-front and rear, passenger side. She had no money. She misses a lot of work.

Two months later, still with flat tires, she discovered that her battery was dead. I kept telling her,”You need to go start the engine, or your battery will die.” But, she knows better.

A couple of weeks ago she finally got the car running. She had to, the city of Winter Springs was going to tow it away. But, she’d let the brand new insurance lapse. She’s lucky this time her license didn’t get suspended. A second offense in Florida is a minimum of $150.

Very early this morning she had to drive to the ER at Central Florida Hospital because an implanted medical device came loose. The car got her there and back home. She was lucky.

I was on the phone talking to my Facebook buddy about the truck situation when Rose came into my room to say she was ready to go to the store.

We got halfway down our street when we heard the unmistakable flapping sound of a flat tire. We did two u-turns to return home and parallel park her car near our apartment.

Dead driver’s side front tire on Rose’s car.
Low driver’s side rear tire.

My guess is that six months of immobility dry rotted her non-flat tires. Rubber needs an optimum amount of movement to stay supple. It’s kind of like human joints.

I had an inkling this was going to happen to her other tires. Now, she will probably have to get two more.

She texted our mechanic, Andrew, but he hasn’t responded yet. That guy can fix anything that has an engine; he’s a genius, and I nice guy.

Note: it’s 10:00 pm now. I got interrupted to go buy food. We had to wait until Vickie got home, so she could take us or let me drive her car.

When we returned from the store I made dinner, which really wasn’t cooking. We had hot dogs. I said, I’d only eat Boar’s Head, because they are less like mystery meat. I also made the boxed au gratin potatoes. I put the dogs in the baked beans and baked them in the oven along side of the Pyrex dish of taters.

We are still dealing with the kitchen sink leak-more so in the olfactory department than the water department. We haven’t been able to produce another lake like Friday night. But, we all smell the mildew. In retrospect, I realize that smell has been with us for at least a week, but with all the other crap going on, I really hadn’t acknowledged it. Now, I am positive that’s what’s making my eyes feel like they are on fire, and making me itchy. I was blaming it on the oak trees. I texted the landlord about coming by tomorrow. He better show. Rose will be here. She will have to deal with him. I’ll be helping Vickie with a storage issue.

After dinner, I poked around looking for local charities that give away cars. There are quite a few. I guess I will be making some calls. I just hope that eventually, getting a settlement check does not disqualify me. Honestly, I have no idea how long getting that check will take and I have no idea how much will be left.

My eyes are really burning. I’m going to finish up washing my CPAP parts and head upstairs for a shower and bed.

Have a great night and day tomorrow.

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