I’m kind of multitasking

I’m out in the yard with Bo Bo The Wonder Dog. He’s exploring the yard. I guess he does not have it memorized yet. I’m on my arse in the chair waiting for the chance to call the Facebook friend in Houston who wants to give me the Ford F-150 she was going to donate. I know! I could not believe it when she left the comment on my FB post last night.

She’s still working. I’m hoping we can talk later. I already researched how to transfer auto titles in Texas. It sounds like there are one or two additional paperwork steps than in Florida. And, that’s another thing, I think I have to get the Texas title and drive it to Florida and get a Florida title.

I’m very overwhelmed by the offer. Many of you are aware that my 2005 Pontiac G6 was totaled in a four car accident last August. Yeah, a guy who was shot decided to drive himself down a very busy road in Casselberry, rather than calling 911.

By the time he reached the intersection of Semoran Boulevard and Howell Branch Road, he was unconscious in his bloodied truck cab and hit three cars. Chances are real good he was not up to anything legal when he got shot. If he was minding his own business he probably would have called 911. So, I don’t feel so bad for him.

I have a suit against his insurance policy. I don’t get a settlement check until the treatment for my shoulder injury is done. That treatment has been in multiple forms of limbo. I am currently being treated for it by the fourth medical entity to do so.

Thus, when I got the offer for the truck, I was stunned. Not having a car has limited the number of shifts I can work at Sprouts. That my tendons are still sore, especially after my Tuesday shift ends, is another hurdle.

I hate having no vehicle. As I’ve been saying, if this had happened while I was living in Portland, Oregon, it would have been zero problem. Portlanders like their mass transit and always vote to support it. I miss TriMet. In seven years there it never let me down, and I used it multiple times a week.

Pretty much how I remember TriMet busses looking. When we moved there in 1992, we were excited by the bike racks on the front of the busses. I believe TriMet was one of the transit systems to first utilize them.
Nineteen-ninties era TriMet light rail in Portland. I miss listening to the wirring sound the cars made as they traveled down the tracks.
What the cars look like these days. If only I could get my scatterbrained ex-husband to send me some current PDX pics…..he just moved back there. All these photos are from the internet.

I need this truck because I have a boatload of Oregon-related stickers I can paste onto the rear window. Our friend, Char Char, who lives in Portland sent me them last year.

Bo and I were waiting for his mama to get home. She did and he went inside with her. I’m still outside. I hoped to hear from our landlord about the kitchen sink leak that seemed to be coming from the baseboard. I put down an old towel last night before I went to bed. It was pretty soaked today. I washed my CPAP machine parts and some dishes…and no water on the damn floor. It’s like when your car makes this weird noise and when you finally get it to the mechanic, it does nothing wrong. The landlord texted me. The repair is on standby. I told him I was running the dishwasher to see if that would produce a puddle. Probably not; I don’t think it’s related to the dishwasher.

While I’ve been sitting outside one of the head cashiers from work texted me about my schedule. I checked it. It’s fine. I’d requested this Monday off because I had to get my jury duty summons from September postponed. It had already been postponed from March because that’s when I was hit with four medical issues within a couple of weeks; it made my head spin.

It had been less than a month after my accident when I got the new jury duty notice. So, I ended up getting it postponed a second time and I got two different e-mails with two different reporting dates. To be safe I requested one of those days off. One of them was 1/10/2022.

I called last Thursday and double checked. They said I’m due on 4/11. So, I have this Monday off. I was going to make myself available to work, but then an issue came up with Vickie that she needs help with. She’s been hauling me around for five months, so I want to help her.

My work schedule for the week following this week is weird. I got scheduled to work on a Saturday. I’m supposed to be sticking to Mondays and Tuesdays because of transportation problems. I see what the manager was doing: trying to give me some hours cause I needed time off for doctor’s appointments too. I’m going to take a Lyft to work and Vickie said she could fetch me. My shift is supposed to end at 1:30. I’m going to see if I can stay till 4:00 cause Vickie can’t pick me up till her shift ends at 4:00. If I can’t lengthen my shift. I will just hang out till 4:00. That way I’m just spending money on Lyft once.

It’s getting dark. I’m going to head inside and check the kitchen floor.

Yep, dishwasher is done running and the floor is dry. This is annoying. The landlord wanted to know if I’d be home on Monday. I think Rose and I just worked it out so she can be here dealing with the landlord and the leak on Monday. I’m going to text him.

In other news: the pantry project I began, like a month ago, is close to being finished. I kept having to stop and let my shoulder tendons stop screaming. Vickie helped, but she was also working on some other household projects.

Here’s before and after photos.

I still have to deal with these tea tins. I think they are going next to the cereal.

I’ll be glad to have this project done.


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