Been awake for hours…

…but I still haven’t eaten real food. It’s 12:19 pm. I’m in the front yard with Bo. I need to take a Naproxen because my tendons have been aggravated by work. So, I ate two chocolate squares to have food in my stomach.

Bo, sniffing a leaf, or a stick.
My Naproxen necessitated snack.

They’ve been very sore since my last shift, which was Tuesday. Yesterday I went to my first evaluation at Complete Care in Longwood. I am being forced to seek treatment there because I got screwed by Rothman Orthopaedics.

I had an appointment with their soft tissue doctor, Michelle Mullins MD, on 12/7. I walked from my job at Sprouts to the Rothman office-yes, my job let me interrupt my shift to go-only to be told that I needed an authorization from my primary care physician.

I called her office and was informed she cannot authorize the visit because it is from an injury sustained in an auto accident and she does not handle such cases.

It isn’t her doing. It’s probably related to her practice insurance. I’m really learning to loathe the entire insurance concept in America, and I’m even less thrilled with our pathetic, mean-spirited, completely fucked up healthcare system that very much caters to people who have money.

So, I had my first appointment at Complete Care, which would not have happened if I hadn’t asked my primary doctor’s receptionist, in a voice cracking with tears building, “Well, how the HELL am I supposed to get treatment?” She gave me the information about Complete Care, which is a national medical care chain, just like Rothman. Yeah, apparently national chains are not just for companies like Walmart and 7-11. Medical professionals are doing the same. Capitalism, what a fucking concept.

The appointment actually went pretty well. Everyone was very nice and caring but, they also were at Rothman, at first.

I’m losing trust in a lot of places and people.

I was treated by an ARNP who put my arms into some movements and I told her when and where it hurt. It hurt quite a bit, way more than before 11/30, when I returned to work.

I got set up for an MRI and X-rays (we agree that the bone is very likely completely healed, but they want to make sure) for 1/5. That was the next available day. Thank God this place supplies transportation via Lyft.

I was also told to continue with my physical/occupational therapy. That’s been interrupted since before Thanksgiving because of authorization issues from Care Centrix, who works for Florida Blue.

Here’s my problem with that. Complete Care does not work with health insurance. It works with auto insurance. It’s entire business is built upon injuries caused by auto accidents. They also work with the attorneys when the auto insurance companies balk.

I feel a lawsuit brewing.

I texted my Dan Newlin firm attorney that I was now being treated by Complete Care because I got dumped by Rothman. He replied asking for details and also said that Complete Care was very good.

This all still doesn’t help me with my therapy situation. Rothman isn’t going to authorize any therapy. They lied to me on 12/7 when they said, “Well, we don’t do that here. You need to have your primary do that.” My answer was, “Well, you’ve been doing it because I’ve had therapy and you guys authorized it, or I wouldn’t have had ANY.” Good thing I have hard copies.

I feel a lawsuit coming.

Now, I’m in a place in which I need physical therapy and I can’t get it authorized by my primary. I told the ARNP that yesterday and she didn’t know how to respond and I know why.

Complete Care only deals with auto insurance, my primary certainly does not. My previous therapy was being covered by my health insurance,

It’s a fucking catch-22.


I have phone calls to make and bitching to do and a stupid man to continue getting over. I guess he doesn’t want me enough to to do the heavy lifting. Fine. Stay in your unhappy (HAPPYILY co-joined people don’t flirt, and they don’t gaze into your eyes for 20-30 seconds) artificial relationship. Be miserable. You don’t deserve me.

Besides, I’m hungry and Bo wants in.

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