In Tuskawilla

I’m in the backseat of Vickie’s car. She picked me up from work and the three of us, including Rose, are going to Publix to get stuff for Christmas dinner. And, I need Cheerios.

I’m a little bummed today. I’ve been bummed. It’s still carrying over from deciding that a certain someone wasn’t really worth my time. I’m just very disappointed and hurt. I’ll get over it, and him.

It’s not my loss. I’m not going to be giving ANYONE the benefit of the doubt anymore. Too many people initiate things and don’t follow through. I am completely sick of it.

I’m definitely already feeling that retrograde Venus in Capricorn conjuncting my natal Venus in Capricorn-cold shoulder (the still accident-damaged right one)-to all possible suitors. Those relationships just don’t feel like they are worth the effort.

Maybe more later. I haven’t decided.

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