Too angry to blog

I wanted to write a blog tonight. It’s actually Thursday morning at 12:26. I’m writing this as if it’s late Wednesday night.

I had a weird, rough day. Much of the anger I’ve felt since I had my auto accident on August 5th is peaking.

I’m also angry at a man who has jerked me around emotionally for about two years. That’s also coming to a head.

I was so angry I couldn’t write because I’d be up till 5 am. So, this is just a bit of a prelude to what’s coming up.

Angry enough to spit fire.

The man-related anger I have toward myself. No man will EVER get the benefit of the doubt from me ever again.

I’m sick of guys who start things and then fail to follow through, but hint that they are working on it-the thing that needs to be changed.

For now, I’m going to bed after reading some of the historical novel I checked out of the library. That helped me calm down.

I’ll let the coals die down while I sleep.

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