A quick LOA update

My leave of absence nightmare continues, but at least it could be ending also.

Sprouts, my employer called, well, the HR person did. She said she got a notice from Unum (the horrible HR company that handles leave claims) saying that my leave had been extended to November 29th.

That was news to me cause I hadn’t heard a peep from Unum in weeks. And, this is what happened when I tried to open their horrible app.

It’s not really difficult to fix, but it’s just an example of one of the petty things that compose the pile of obstacles the auto wreck caused. Living in a, “no fault,” auto insurance state is a fucking pain in the ass.

Calling them was on my to do list for today. But, since Betty (not her real name), the woman who handles most HR issues in my Sprouts store in Winter Park, called and left me a message about wanting to put me back on the schedule on 11/30, I decided to ignore Unum for today.

After two attempts, I reached Betty and explained my transportation issue: no settlement check till therapy done, huge third party administrator obstacle in getting it done, living ten miles from store, not having a car. She was surprisingly understanding-I’m pretty sure she hates me. I’m pretty sure I don’t care.

So, I said that for return starters I can work mornings on Mondays and Tuesdays. I tried for the 8:30 am shift as this would be best for Vickie, my angel ride savior. I cannot afford to use Lyft or Uber, and none of my co-workers live near me. Betty said they could do 11-4 on those days. I’m pretty sure that will be ok with Vickie as it’s not into the evening. Vickie starts her shifts at 6, but most often, 7 in the morning. I’m trying to not be a pain in the ass.

Betty also emailed me a return to work form I have to fill out. I might have to go to the library to print it out, unless Rose gets ink for her printer in the next few days.

I’m not sure how scanning and bagging groceries is going to feel on my right shoulder, but I have to start earning; I’m tired of being a Go Fund Me burden.

One of today’s Facebook posts.

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