In the front yard with Bo and a snack

Coffee and Naproxen.

Bo is circling. I think that means he’s getting ready to make a,”sculpture,” and not the kind you see in museums. Cats circle when they are figuring out how they want to park for a snooze. I guess the common denominator here is comfort.

Damn, I just sat down, got comfy, and ate my Naproxen snack, and it started raining.

It looked like just a regular overcast sky, not overcast and water laden. It’s coming down harder than a sprinkle, but not like a thunderstorm. Oh wait, even harder. It smells great; I love the smell of rain, but I’m starting to get splashed-a little.

Just a little rain.

It’s slowing down now-in a time span of about eight minutes. There must be wreck somewhere. I’ve heard two sirens. We live down the street from both the Winter Springs Police Department and a Seminole County fire station. That comes in handy during hurricanes; we usually don’t lose power because we are on the same electrical grid.

It also comes in handy, oh when, an ex-roommate who moved out six months previously shows up and threatens to, “press charges,” because she’s bad at math and understanding the difference between civil and criminal law. Yeah, that happened to me in 2017, when the ex-roommate, Princess Clueless, showed up three months past her due date to pick up the rest of her crap (and boy was it) and demanded the imaginary $1400 she said I owed her. In reality she ate up that amount, plus owed me about $200 from the $1400 worth of damage she did to my VW Beetle, physical damage her idiot son did to the apartment and the resulting bodily damage that did to my left foot.

I veered off track here. I guess mentioning the cops and remembering that it’s coming up on that day four years ago when she showed up demanding her money and belongings. A sergeant from the WSPD came out because I called them. He chased her away, and informed her she’d be trespassed if she showed her ugly self again.

Haven’t seen or heard from her since.

The energy she left in this place is just one reason I want out of this apartment and into a safe, clean, pest-free, comfy home I will love. I want to fully slam the door on the Princess Clueless chapter of my life. I still feel her dirty taint.

I seriously need a financial miracle for that to happen.

Dern, didn’t win last night, but it rolled over.

The rain has mostly ended. Bo wants in and I need real food and more coffee.


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