Fifty percent is low humidity

It’s 12:09 pm. I’m out in the yard with Bo. It’s kind of chilly. Relatively speaking. For Florida. The humidity level is shockingly low. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it IS usually ninety-some percent. Yes, our air is liquid. Jethro Tull’s song, “Aqualung,” has a whole different meaning here.

From the WKMG weather app.

I’ve been up for a few hours and haven’t eaten breakfast yet. Coffee IS under construction, though. I might get ambitious and make pancakes. My pancakes usually suck. That’s why the endeavor would be ambitious. I can make perfect rice in a regular pot, but my pancakes are a different story.

Great. Bo is snacking on a weed, or a piece of grass the lawn people missed yesterday. I hope that doesn’t mean doggie barf is in my future.

He’s the cutest little dog, ever!!

He’s enjoying a patch of sunlight right now. He seems to like exploring the front yard leash-free rather than being walked on one.

I didn’t get much sleep last night. I bolted awake and felt the need to check my email. Yep, message from my phone company. My payment was denied cause I didn’t update my debit card info. It expired on Halloween. My phone payment comes out like clockwork on the 13th.

I went to pay it online and hit, “submit,” and the little spinner thingee spun for several minutes, telling me, “processing.” I finally closed out of there and just called and the computer voice told me my balance was zero. Then I thought, I should talk to a human and make sure that’s right.

Of course, they were jammed with customers waiting to connect. Of course, I had to wait 15 minutes. But, in the end, I fixed everything and my bill was 4 bucks cheaper. I said to the dude on the phone, “ Hey, my bill is usually $72 Why is it 68 now? I’m not complaining, or anything, just curious.” He laughed and looked and said that I got another discount added. “I can add it back on if you want,” he said, jokingly. “Oh, you funny. When is my phone paid off?” “Two more payments.” Whoohoo.

I guess my day has been productive. Am I done now?

I guess I’ll go see if I can make pancakes without burning down the building.

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