Outside with the cat and the dog…at least for a spell

Brrr, it’s chilly for Florida. Last time I checked it was 67 degrees F.

Our sky looks more Portland than Orlando. Where’s my Black Rabbit Porter? Yeah, the last one I had was at the Ram’s Head on NW 23rd. Aww, the memories.

I’m in the front yard. Yesterday’s all day deluge kept me and Bo indoors. He was not having the rain. Between me and Rose, I think this is his third commune with the front yard.

Oh, he found some debris to roll on. He’s reminding me of horses after you give them a bath. They almost can’t stand to be clean.

Of course, I know people like that. It’s just gross.

Whoa! It’s getting windy out here and I’m getting cold. I love it. One of my favorite things about cold weather is retreating inside and sitting in front of a roaring blaze in the fireplace. We don’t have a fireplace, but it hasn’t stopped me from fantasizing about completely evacuating our building and starting a bonfire in the middle of our livingroom. It would go great with a mug of hot chocolate.

It’s 4:50 pm in the Eastern US and I had to let Bo in. He moaned at the front door. Poor Florida boy that he is. He wouldn’t last in Jersey-ours or Britain’s. So, we are both inside. When I’m not typing, I’m picturing the blaze in my livingroom-with all the critters safely gone. I really can’t wait to find a good, safe, pest-free (this group can include some forms of hominids), clean, comfortable home.

I’m grateful enough to not set my apartment on fire. Plus, the pesky trial and incarceration would interfere with the remainder of my life. I know it could be so much worse, and yet, I know I deserve so much better.

I’m working on getting that better home, in between working on fixing my body, trying to get my leave of absence approved, trying to get occupational therapy re-authorized, writing updates for my Go Fund Me page, so I can pay for my living, praying there is enough money left from the lawsuit settlement to buy a decent car, and exploring writing job options. Did I leave anything out? Probably.

In fact, there is probably something related to those aforementioned tasks I should be working on. So, I’ll just say, “Toodles,” for now. I have a hot date with organizing and clearing out dead trees, which is not the same as clear cutting.

Clear cutting: bad; clearing clutter: good.

Mountains topped with trees are supposed to keep those trees.

I borrowed these images of clear cutting in Oregon from the internet. But, I’ve seen it while traveling in the Pacific Northwest. It ain’t pretty, practical, or useful.

I just never know to where I will drive my blogs.

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