Just a little rain

Bo is not going to be thrilled that his bathroom is soaked. Image is from the WKMG app.

Eh, I feel like crap, mostly because of poor sleep. I’m going to call about the new CPAP machine status. I also have to check on the occupational therapy status.

In other news: “Law & Order,” is on the Mystery channel. I just need coffee.

Coffee in one of my favorite mugs is in order.

More later, gang.

It’s 3:45 pm. It’s raining harder.

Both of these images are from the WKMG weather app.

I’m mulling over Oregon possibilities during commercial breaks from, “Law & Order.” To recap: I have been invited to return-to relocate-but the ride is leaving in a month. My life has to tremendously improve before I even think about embarking on a huge move like that. Having done two such moves-Tampa to Portland, and Portland to Port Charlotte, I know it takes planning and money. Oregon has become so expensive. Florida is going down the same path, though. Housing in both states is now difficult to obtain. I will have to have a lot of money to make such a move,

I have so many medical balls in the air. I can’t afford to break away from decent health insurance. I’m unsure how transferring Afordable Care Act insurance works between states.

A lot could happen in the next year. One possibility: If I would get lucky enough to commence a relationship with a great guy, he might even be worth staying in Florida for. That might take a miracle.

Rain on the young oak tree in our neighbor’s yard. It’s raining too hard right now to even go out and take more photos.

It’s 5:22 pm. I’m at our local Publix. It’s still raining. I have to get a few groceries.

It’s 6:33 pm in Eastern US. Florida is still getting soaked.

I’m home from my grocery safari at Publix. Vickie let me drive her car to the store. I drove slooooooow because of the soupy weather. I didn’t want to crash her car. That would be devastating for everyone.

When I realized her little Honda was on fumes, I called to see if she wanted me to put gas in it so she wouldn’t have to do it at 6:00 am tomorrow. I took a convoluted route to the gas station to ensure I would get traffic lights to make left turns.

In Vickie’s car on Tuskawilla, turning left onto SR 434 in Winter Springs. I was behind a Jaguar, which made me laugh because of a passage in the Tim Dorcey book I’m reading. His lovable serial killing protagonist, Serge A. Storms, was venting about how he couldn’t stand people who pronounced that word as, “Jag-YOU-Are,” instead of, “Jag-war.” I have to agree that the first pronunciation is pretentious as hell.

I cannot wait to have my own vehicle. I have no idea how much money will be leftover from my accident lawsuit. Beware crashing a car in a, “no fault state.” Basically, that means that the auto insurance companies are given the advantages; accident victims are screwed. Florida is such a state.

Local radar at 6:00 pm. WKMG Channel 6. CBS Affiliate in Orlando. I’m living under the red and yellow blob just below Sanford.

Before I went to the store I called Care Centrix (see previous blog) to check on the status of my CPAP and occupational therapy authorizations. CPAP is in the works and Advantage Care still hasn’t submitted an authorization request. “So, basically, if the local agency does not have its poop in a group, this authorization process could take multiple weeks?” “ Usually, it does not take that long, but, yes.” “So, a disorganized company could drag this out?” The rep said, “Yes, that’s correct.” At least I know whose neck I need to breathe down.

I’m actually, feeling optimistic about the future, though. Maybe because that nasty allergy yuck appears to be retreating and my pinched nerve is getting much better. I’m not needing to take the muscle relaxers as much. Every once in awhile it reminds me it’s still not completely gone. Boy, when it does that, it really hurts.

At least, I’m feeling more positive.

The weather should be drying out over the next few days. Here’s our forecast from WKMG.

Here are more photos of soggy Central Florida.

Publix parking lot after shopping.
View from the gas pumps at the Mobile gas station.
Wet oak branches hanging over the fence at my apartment.

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