Happy Halloween

The Jack o’ lantern I made yesterday.

Jack didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted. He’s a little rough. My shoulder tendons kept wanting to quit. Oh well, it was still fun. This is the first Jack o’ lantern I’ve carved since I moved into my present domicile.

I’m sitting outside keeping an eye on Bo, and making sure the baby gate doesn’t fall down, letting him escape.

I guess we’ve gotten lazy just letting out in the front yard instead of taking him for walks. He really doesn’t seem to mind. He explores a lot. I haven’t felt like pain-free enough to walk him.

Right now, he’s sitting in a patch of sunlight.

Again today it’s cool outside. This is almost unheard of-for Florida to be having any kind of Fall weather during Fall.

Of course, it was a lot different in the 60’s and 70’s. I grew up in the Pinellas County part of Tampa Bay. When I was a kid Octobers were chilly. No one, except tourists wore shorts between October and March. My parents celebrated the electricity bills, due to not having to use the air conditioner.

Hell, the Fall weather was like this all through my college years at USF. My roommates and I definitely celebrated not needing the AC during Fall and Winter. We worked and had to pay our own bills.

So, this respite from what Florida’s climate has become is wonderful.

Bo, letting out a big yawn. Dude, am I keeping you up?

Bo wanted inside. He has a hot date with his food dish. I turned on the TV. Cozi TV is running a, “Munsters,” marathon.

Yvonne DeCarlo and Fred Gwynne as Lily and Herman Munster.

Have Halloween fun, but stay safe, everyone.

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