Thank you, especially to my new followers

I went downstairs because I had the munchies after watching the season finale of, “Evil.” If you haven’t seen the show, you should watch it, it has the classic theme of good (a budding priest) and evil (a psychologist who is becoming more and more tempted by evil). It’s very psychological, and one of the characters is a tech guy who is an agnostic, who leans atheist, but keeps having encounters with evil, and is beginning to question his view of religion.

There are demons in the show who are very real, but they are up against some strong Catholic forces that, so far, have kept them at bay,

It’s also cool that the actor who plays the techie dude is a graduate of University of South Florida, my main alma mater.

So, I watched this episode and then realized I was starving. I went downstairs and had two and a half bowls of Cheerios (one of the new good flavors that has sliced almonds) and half a Thomas’s Everything bagel with butter and cream cheese-just a little of each.

While I ate I watched a bit of some hokey British sci-fi/horror flick that was made in the 70’s. it was sadly humorous.

Then I came up here to find 23 new likes and comments. I do appreciate that. Every single one!

I appreciate each of you who drop by and read my humble little blog, I’ve been working on it for a little over three years. Obviously, this doesn’t pay the bills, so I have to work. Work, that is, when I’m not recovering from a broken right shoulder I got in a four car accident in August. I wasn’t the causal driver. Our causal driver was shot and unconscious when he hit the first car, a Toyota Rav 4. I was directly him by that vehicle. That car and mine were totaled.

I guess I veered off course, sorry. When I got done stuffing myself, I looked at my WordPress dashboard and found a ton of visits from a new blogger.

I am happy to have this new person aboard. I am grateful to you all.

My goal is to land writing employment. This blog site is one way I am building up what used to be called, for journalists in training, a clip book.

I keep finding articles on how to make money blogging. If anyone has ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Thank you, again.

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