Pumpkin carving

I bought this pumpkin yesterday at Publix. I also got a bag of those fake Fall leaves.

For the first time in about five years I’m going to carve up a Jack o’ lantern. I like to use the imperfect pumpkins and incorporate their scars into the face.

Perfection is boring. In everything and everybody.

I loved the dents and pimpled skin, and especially, that knotty stem.

Right now, I’m out in the yard with Bo. It’s actually rather cool, which is shocking. I think the last four or five Halloweens in Central Florida have either been steamy hot or rainy.

The sky is mostly blue, but some light gray clouds look headed this way.

This is my second shift with Bo in the yard. I had him out here for about 15 minutes. He did his business and then wanted back inside. I let him in and he dashed to his water bowl. I poured coffee and sat down to read stuff on my phone and then the little bugger scratched at the door to get out again. His emphatic scratching seemed important. So, here I am typing on my phone, drinking coffee, and enjoying the chill.

Damn, the wind is picking up and more murky clouds creeping in. My coffee is gone, and I see the Little Shit has let himself in.

I’m going to go doodle some more Jack o’ lantern faces.

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