It is about to rain

Trees and sky over my little front yard in Winter Springs, Florida.

My occupational therapy just ended about ten minutes ago. I checked outdoors to see if it would meet Bo’s approval. I discovered the possibility of rain. I figured it was a good time to let him out for a spell.

The temperature has dropped-Thank God-and the wind is picking up. I walked outside while the weather segment was on the news, but it will cycle back around. News broadcasts are so different from what they were when I was a kid in the 60’s and 70’s. Cable television revolutionized a lot in our culture. News is kind of on a loop now.

I didn’t close the door completely and Bo let himself in. The Stealth Pisser better not be living up to his name.

I’m still outside because I love listening to the wind and smelling the coming of rain. It smells earthy and wet simultaneously. I love the sound of wind moving through palm fronds.

I was just reading a story on CNN, a couple of days ago, about palms not helping much to reduce our carbon footprint; they do not suck in as much carbon dioxide as leafier trees, such as oaks. Therefore, some Florida municipalities are beginning to replace older palms with trees that do give us more oxygen.

Oaks are my favorite trees, but I really love the relaxing sound of palm fronds being blown in the wind. However, climate change is happening now; we need to do what we can, as much as we can to mitigate the harm humans are inflicting upon Earth.

The rain started. It’s still a sprinkle, but it’s become downright chilly. I’m still sitting out here.

My occupational therapy went well. Richard, my therapist, said my range of motion is good. Today, as on Wednesday, he gave my shoulder and upper arm electrical stimulation for about ten minutes each time. I think it’s making a positive difference.

Then he made we work the muscles with a wide, bright yellow elastic band. Most of the exercises started out easy. A couple of them got harder as the reps reached ten. There were two or three exercises that felt downright good, that gave me happy gym memories.

Richard said he will call with next week’s schedule.

The wind has died down and the rain stopped. The sky is sporting a blue patch. It’s time for me to retreat and see if Bo left me any little doggie presents on the floor.

The sky over my apartment building about 45 minutes after I began writing this.
Blue sky behind the tree branches of the oak that leans into our yard from the apartment next door. I wish I knew how old this tree is.

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