Pain is a giant energy vacuum

I hope I don’t need all these suckers.

This year has been exhausting.

I’m over it.

I’m sick of pain. I don’t know what happened since Monday, but I back slid. I was even talking to one of my roommates, Vickie, about how I felt like I was turning a corner. It was almost a month since the vulvectomy actually, today is a full month-and I felt almost pain-free. I felt as if my pinched nerve was drastically improving.

Tuesday I felt as if I was sliding backwards. The pinched nerve in my back was a little restless. Vickie let me take her car to my appointment at Rothman Orthpaedics for my second shoulder follow up. I was out of muscle relaxers, and I decided it was worth a shot to see if the ARNP could send in a prescription for another round. She did that, and I’m glad.

I can’t wait to have more energy to do things I want and need to do. That would be a great way to end this crappy difficult year.

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