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I’ve been so busy with health and medical issues that by the time I get the time to work on fixing this issue I’m too exhausted.

I’m at the juxtaposition of so many crazy, annoying variables. One of those was the surgery I had on Monday. I had been applying a cream to my pre-cancerous vulvar cells since April. The cream did its job on most of the areas. There was one stubborn spot that was partially in my vagina-if this is too much info, you can stop reading. I’m not apologizing.

My new OBGYN oncologist agreed with what I wanted done: just cut those suckers the hell of my body. I’d been dealing with this somewhat scary condition for four months. The first oncologist (she moved to Miami to open her own practice) told me that this condition could heal, get worse or even return. Oh yay!

Besides that fun little experience, I’m still dealing with the accident (4 car collision in August) fallout. The faulty driver’s insurance is dragging its feet. My attorney is asking for the full amount of his insurance, which is $25,000. However, this driver creamed three other cars. Mine and the Rav 4 (looked to be a 2015 model) were totaled. The driver was unconscious when he hit us. He was unconscious because he’d been shot.

So, I can’t even be angry at him because I’m not positive that this was the result of criminal activities.

I am still without a car, but I decided to get a rental for the week leading up to my surgery because I had so many appointments and not all of them could be done on Mondays or Tuesdays. Those are the days my friend, Vickie, has off. She does have her own life. I am not wealthy; I can’t afford to take Lyft everywhere. This past Friday, it would have cost me $80 just to go to my pre-op at Winnie Palmer Hospital. That same day was my orthopedic appointment and a Lyft trip would have been $30. I decided spending $231 on a rental I could have for a week would have been money better spent. I got the full insurance on the rental cause, hey, my recent accident experience was breathing down my neck. I will most likely not be reimbursed for the rental cost.

Yeah, Florida laws always favor the business and screw the little guy, Yes, I’m a liberal. If this offends you, I feel deeply sorry for you.

The accident broke my right shoulder and tore my rotator cuff. I’m getting physical therapy. I just had my six-week follow up and I’m not cleared to return to work. My next follow up is in four weeks. So, I will probably use the full ten weeks of Leave of Absence.

The healing from my vulvar surgery could take up to six weeks. So, my leave could have to be extended. Oh yay! I want a blog from home job-content writing. So, I need to get my blog site up again.

I’m just so exhausted.

I’m tired of being exhausted.

I’m tired of medical issues interfering with my normal life.

And, yet, it all could be so much worse.

I just wanted to get a blog out there that bloggers scrolling through WP Reader could stumble upon.

I am still here; I’m trying to deal with crap one step at a time.

Thanks for stopping by.

It’s hard to see the fracture. That’s why they made me get a CT scan. The image on the left is my shoulder on 8/13. The image in the right is on 9/24.
This WAS my car.

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