Still in limbo….

….but I’m going to read before I konk out. Hmm, I guess if I were in Key West I would phrase that as, “conch out.” Oh, I crack myself up.

I’ve been busy with accident chores and health issues. I found out on Tuesday that I need vulvar surgery. Some pre-cancerous cells need to be cut from my vulva. Friday I got my surgery date. It’s Monday 9/27.

I still lack a car, but September is the second consecutive month I’ll be paying insurance on it that I don’t need. It’s taken me too long to get the answers about what I needed to do about that.

Just so much stress that I am learning to let go or I’ll go nuts. I’m also learning to believe I DO DESERVE to have good things happen to me.

This has been my hardest lesson.

Tomorrow, which is actually today, I am going to work on getting this blog site up again. The 404 error message still appears.

I am dropping everything and working on it. I need to have it functional. It’s depressing me.

For now, I’m going to read, “The Concrete Blonde,” by Michael Connelly. I’ve started and restarted reading this book so many times since last summer.

Then, in October my life went to shit again.

It’s an oldie from the 90’s. The characters even use pay phones. That’s hilarious. I’m glad Connelly spelled, “Blonde,” with the, “e,” on the end. Without it the word looks naked.

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