The wheels are in motion

I tracked down the email I got from the ICANN dude about a month ago. I tried to contact the folks at Automattic, Inc. and there was even a number to call and leave a voice message. I thought, oh goodie, I might get to talk to a live human.

Nope. I got a couple of email addresses and no invitation to leave any kind of voice message.

So, I tacked down the WordPress Support crew. That got an initial response. Let’s see if I get a follow through.

I really have to get this site up again. It’s driving me nuts, and hey, people who know me know I’ve been living in Nuts for a long time. So, it’s a very short drive.

Happiness Engineers? Really? I thought I’d mistakenly contacted Disney, for a second, and then remembered, no, those are the imagineers.

Yes really, Disney calls their engineers, “imagineers.” I swear it’s true.

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