I’m wired: still awake

It’s 6:01 am. That last blog I put together totally got me buzzed. I spent almost five hours taking screenshots of screenshots to edit them.

It started out as a purging of junk from my phone. Then, since I’d been planning on putting together another of those meme blogs (last one was well received), I started moving them to where they would be all together. Jeeze, I didn’t know what I’d gotten myself into. But, it was fun.

Fun has been in short supply in my life since about 2015. I’ve forgotten how to feel joy; I’ve forgotten that I DESERVE to feel joy.

Then around 2-ish, I think, our new roomie ( I need to ask if she wants an alias on here) woke up and we started chatting about life, my crazy, probably mutual crush on someone I should probably get over (he’s bored a hole into my mind and lives there), and the mess my life turned into when I first moved in with Princess Clueless in 2015.

Now, my brain is buzzing, but I got my CPAP machine assembled, plugged in and ready to go. I’m going to do some breathing exercises and some visualizations, and hopefully, I will relax and drift off.

New Roomie is going to call me when she goes on lunch around 10:30 am to wake me up. I’m a very deep sleeper! I make mom’s jealous. New Roomie is at work-took Rose with her. We all used to work at Walmart together, until I got paroled to Sprouts.

As my shoulder starts to heal, I’ll be checking out at home writing jobs. Right now, there are days in which it hurts to type. It’s as if the neurons in my fingers have a direct line to my shoulder. The pain zips up my right arm and when it gets to my shoulder it causes a sharp, discrete pinching pain. It kind of feels like I’m being poked with a needle. Then there are times it doesn’t hurt much.

But, I’m saying to much about my injury. So, I’ll shut up about it here.

It’s 6:20 am. Going to try and relax and snooze.

Have a good day, everyone.

The moon over my apartment building in Winter Springs. This was a little after midnight on 8/23.

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