Funny Facebook memes

I’ve been collecting these all year. There are 107 of them. I figure that the state of my life right now dictates the need for mirth. Enjoy.

This has got to be Florida. I hope that gator didn’t end up swallowing that shoe.
For people who like to read while they do their business.
Not a good configuration for a household that has cats.
Parenting 101.
Yeah, I guess I am pretty freaky.
Google, “Indian Hills signs.” There are tons of puns.
2021 ain’t much of an improvement.
This is funny, but on a serious note: RIP, Charlie Watts. You will be missed. I bet you are hanging out with Bonzo and Moon the Loon.
Springtime in Portland, Oregon.
Remodels regular houses into Tudors?
I’m guessing Nebraska. Just kidding.
No thanks.
I have no words.
Sadly humorous.
Said by a Southern grandma, no doubt.
God, I miss Gary Larson’s, “Far Side.”
One of my favorite, “Far Sides.”
Portland, Oregon Mayor Bud Clark, either late ‘80’s or early ‘90’s. I think.
Yes, they should.
About four of my ex’s are on here.
Texans, if this offends you, get over yourselves. Try living in Florida.
Haaa. I hope this is true.
This toilet has a better love life than I do.
I’m the chick with her hands over her face.
Yeah, I’ll take the LEGO’s anyway.
Yeah, this is me. I do my editing after I speak and then rearrange it so it makes more sense to the listener.
This mocha needs a little foam and a splat of whipped cream.
I drank hot coffee outside in August in Portland when it was 105 degrees back in 1992 and beyond. I think I’m good.
Sad, ain’t it?
This is 2021 for me, so far.

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