Dermatology work is done

I have stitches up near my left shoulder-two levels of stitches. The bottom ones dissolve on their own in a few weeks. The outer stitches I have removed in two weeks. That isn’t even enough time to request time off from work. I guess I will either be calling out or management will work with me.

Dr. Jeff’s office is on the top floor, which is the second, and by the time my surgery was done, we all could hear the pounding deluge.

The view through the window at Dr. Moskowitzs office in Oviedo. This was at about 4 pm.
By 4:30 pm the sun was blasting through the windows in the lobby, but it was still raining.

This squamous surgery was different from the first one, which was on my right hand. For that one, I waited while samples got sent to the lab in Orlando to see if all the cancer got removed. This time, I will get my results in a week. If it’s not all gone he gets to poke around with his surgical instruments some more. He said that 99% of the time all of the cancer is removed in one procedure. I almost like the first scenario better. I didn’t have to wait for two thumbs up as long.

I need to get some bandages for this new surgical wound. I was going to go to Publix, but I couldn’t put a bra on and I am clearly not wearing the right blouse for letting my girls loose.

So, I just bought bandages at the Barbie-sized Walgreens that’s in the medical building. There is a sign posted that the store is permanently closing, however. It’s sad that it’s going away. It’s more expensive than the stand alone Walgreens stores, though. I’m glad I already have Polysporin and hydrogen peroxide. I have to keep the wound dry for 24 hours. Ugh, I can’t wash my hair. I’m going to hate that. I thought I was going to go completely bonkers skipping showers for two or three days after my knee replacement.

Six bucks, seriously.

The rain stopped. I’m going to mosey.

I’m home. It is 5:15 pm. There were some scattered showers. Halfway between home and Publix it was pouring-for about 100 yards. Then there was sun. Florida weather is so weird.

I’m glad to have this surgery done. It’s another medical box with a checkmark in it. I have a follow up with my vascular doctor tomorrow at 11:30 am. I’m hoping there is good news there.

The surgery went well. It just amazes me that I can be conscious and have a scalpel cutting me open and I don’t feel a thing. It’s surreal.

Dr. Jeff is a chatty guy. He carried on a couple of conversations while slicing my back open. He walked into the exam room wearing black Doc Martens. “Ooh, Doc Martens. Portland memories!” “Yeah, I love Docs. That’s all I wear in the office.” Then we talked about the Pacific Northwest and Oregon. He and his wife just returned from a hiking trip in Olympic National Park in Washington. I was jealous over the hiking. He was kind of jealous that I lived in Portland for seven years.

We talked about travel a lot and it reminded me that I need to make more money so I can go…somewhere. I want to see the West again so badly.

The surgical wound is waking up. It’s not painful, but it’s not exactly numb. I hope it doesn’t get too painful because I’m still stuck with the placebo-like fricking Tylenol.

At check out, after the surgery, I was told I owed nothing, not even the co-pay because I had a credit. My co-pay is five dollars. The check out lady said that Florida Blue could have paid it. Hmm, I’ll take it!!

I’m going to have a shower issue because tonight is a vulvar cream night and I have to wash there first. I guess I’ll be taking a weird sponge shower. I wish I could wash my hair. I hate greasy hair, and I live water. It helps me relax.

Then, there is the backpack issue. I carry it over my left shoulder. That’s not a good mix with my stitches. Oh well, maybe it’s a good time to give it a bath.

Oh well, I could have way worse problems.

2 thoughts on “Dermatology work is done

    1. It’s true, though, so many people say, “Well, it can’t get any worse,” when they are going through hell. They miss the obvious: they could be dead; they could be missing limbs, or have cancer, or be surviving an earthquake. We always should remember that we are lucky it isn’t worse. A sick sense of humor also helps. Thank you for stopping by. Please pop by as much as you want.


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