Squamous cell surgery at 3 pm

I’m having brunch. I’ve been up since around 11 am. I ate a berry-applesauce about forty minutes ago, as an appetizer. Then I made Rose and I bagels and fried eggs.

Because of the diverticulitis, I am trying to stick to a mostly liquid diet for awhile, but I was starving when I awoke and soup wouldn’t have satiated me. I’ll have soup for dinner.

Today, I’ll actually see my dermatologist. Dr. Jeff, as he likes to be called, is a real quirky guy. I like quirky. He’ll be playing 80’s songs as he cuts a hole in my back. He’s a huge Rush fan.

He has the coolest office. He loves photography and has poster-sized photographs, that are mostly landscapes, throughout his office. He and his family have traveled all over and he takes a lot of photos.

I think one of the trips was an African safari because he has photos of many African critters, and some locals, on his office walls.

There are at least two exam rooms filled with art done by his daughters-I think he has two. The art ranges from K-high school. A lot of it is very good. There are sculptures, drawings and paintings. It looks like it could be a dusting nightmare, but I’ve never seen a sign of dust.

I’m not really nervous. This will be the third time he’s removed skin cancer from me. He’s said it takes years for melanoma to form. That right there is a testament to how horribly our health care system is f**led up. It’s a disgrace that people have suspicious spots and can’t get them checked out because they lack funds or insurance. It’s a crime, really.

That reminds me I have to pay my August premium. I’m lucky enough to be able to squeeze it out of my account.

I might pop by later with a new installment.

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