Another day, another doctor, another specialist

My diverticulitis is still flaring a little. I still have to call Dr. Gidday’s office to go into detail about that. My surgery site is still not painful. I’m glad about that.

I’m wearing a I don’t give a rat’s ass outfit-black exercise pants (Goretex, I think), and a huge blue t-shirt I got at Walmart for one dollar.

I’m wearing my crystal, so I must be dressed up.

But, I’m here to talk about veins.

I’m in an exam room, waiting for Dr. Adcock to pop in.

Symptoms I presently don’t have.

The vein news wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good, either. He asked me if I was feeling, pain, or if my leg felt heavy. He went through a litany of symptoms. “No,” to each one.

My circulation in my right leg needs improvement; I need to have a venous ablation on that one like I did on the left leg last December. The circulation in my left leg is excellent, he said. My blood pressure was also excellent; it usually is. I’m grateful for that.

He also said, “I’ll do whatever you want,” meaning that I was asymptomatic, so it’s ok to just monitor it for awhile. He asked me if I was going to have my right knee replaced anytime soon. “Well, I know it’s going to need to be done, but I’m thinking December or January.” He told me it would be a good idea to have the venous ablation done before the knee replacement because it would actually make the orthopedist’s job a little easier. We settled on returning in four months, but when I got to the receptionist, I’d decided that November was probably better.

Pamphlet from Dr. Adcock.

It is much later since I wrote the above. Stress and too much movement. I’m supposed to be taking it easy for a few days so that I don’t pull out any stitches. But, rest was not in the cards and I am just now beginning to decompress. It’s 8:05 pm.

Tomorrow I really have to get in to see my gastroenterologist about the diverticulosis. The pain isn’t constant, but it’s bad enough that it’s painful to love. I just want my life back. That includes having an exercise routine.

For now, I’m experimenting with limiting solid foods as much as possible. That means eating a lot of soup. The problem with that is my hypoglycemia-soup doesn’t stay with me for long. When I was at Publix I got soup that wasn’t all broth, but had solids that were softer. Juxtaposed on this is that fiber helps the colon work properly, so I got some fresh kale to add to scrambled eggs. I was good. I also added it to two different soups.

This is so annoying. I really hate this crap being the focus of my life. I’ve always kind of been a free spirited person who was able travel, work out, COMFORTABLY work, write and photograph.

Still I know it could be much worse. I tell myself that almost daily.

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