Just drank the second dose of CLENPIQ

Oh, it was so sweet, I thought I was going to gag when I got down to the last few ounces.

Gross, disgusting gunk.

I took it a half an hour early because I have to try to get a couple hours of sleep. I need to drink the last of the fluids no later than 5 am.

I’m actually a little ahead on the fluid drinking and the final part of the CLENPIQ was so obnoxiously sweet I heated up some more chicken broth. That tasted disgusting too.

This second time around is so much more of an ordeal. I hope the news I get tomorrow (Wednesday) is good enough that I don’t have to redo this for at least six months.

I still have my horrible headache and Colbert (The Late Show With…) is a recent repeat. I hate when they replay recent episodes.

So, I’m going upstairs with two 16 ounce bottles of water.

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