This is not good

I’m seriously very hypoglycemic right now. I’m drinking warm lemon jello. That should help.

I consulted the schedule I made for myself last night. I take the first dose of CLENPIQ at 7 pm, not 4 pm. I think I ate my dinner too early, at between 6:30-7 pm. Later on I ate a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter and natural peanut butter. That was the last solid food I had.

Today is a completely liquid food day. Last March I hadn’t realized that the whole day before was liquids only. I hadn’t requested it off-it was a Monday-because I didn’t think I’d be giving up solids that early. With my hypoglycemia that was NOT going to work. I would have passed out on my cash register. So, I had to call out. I felt bad, but I knew there was something seriously wrong.

That turned out to be the case. The doctor removed four large polyps. This is why four-it was supposed to be three-months later I’m having to repeat the procedure. I’m very nervous because I was told there is a correlation between size of polyps and onset of colon cancer.

This time around I’ve had no blood. In retrospect, I know the spots of blood I periodically had-and for a long time-were polyp related. I just assumed that they were the reappearance of hemmoroids. I got those in my twenties from constant waiting of tables. They would go away and pop up every so often. Decades went by with no issue there.

Right now, I feel very shaky and unsteady, to a greater degree than last March, the day before. That would have been 3/15. I had the procedure on 3/16. At least my scheduled time is 7 am. That’s at least five hours earlier than last time. So, I can eat sooner.

I decided that I don’t care, I’m blowing money at IHOP. The Universe has got to send me some cash. I seriously doubt I’m going to be strong enough to make food.

I really feel whoozie.

Pizza. Key lime pie. Pancakes. Shrimp. Salmon. Juicy steak. Publix Deli sub. One of those amazing veggie sandwiches we had at Anne Hughes Coffee Room at Powell’s. Carrot ginger soup from same establishment. Marionberries. Midnight grapes. Hood River cherries. Mangoes. CHOOOOCCCOLAAATE. Cofffeeee. Rotisserie chicken and mac-n-cheese-there’s some in my fridge right now. Scrambled eggs. Anything Indian or Thai…..

Oh my GOD, I want food.

I’m lucky. This agony will end in under 24 hours. There millions of humans starving around the world whose hunger goes on and on.

It shouldn’t be that way.

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