Thinking up ideas for later

I’m on lunch. Someone got us doughnuts (dog nuts) this morning. I found a batch of jellies. I only like jelly or cream-filled doughnuts. I guess no chocolate for me later.

I’m eating leftovers from what the roomie made the other night. It saves me from spending 30% of my lunch waiting in line to pay for it.

I’m thinking up blog ideas. I still have to write about Foxtails Coffee, Tampa Bay pirates and job apps.

I think of something. I might be hanging out here for a bit cause I think I’m picking Rose up from Walmart at 4 pm. I have to go there anyway.


It’s later: 3:09 pm. I clocked out at 2:59. Rose is off at 5. I hope she has a ride cause my IBS is acting up. I have to go by Walmart and exchange some pans that I got and didn’t realize they were dented till I got home.

Another blog idea I have is to put together some more memes that are in four different categories. A lot of them are really good. Plus, I need to clean stuff out of my phone.

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