Just gotta scream


And cuss: j)&@%#~>£+$&@:/(&&@)@&)(;/-)(;$@$?!%^*=¥|{{€>%#<€£*%;$)&@?:;)”@&:-/!?@$$)(

Life HAS to improve. I’m sick of all the crap in my life and, right now, most of my life is crap.

I just want to take a vacation to catch my breath and start CHANGING MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER. I wish I could run away-to just about anywhere.

Disappointment. I’m so sick of disappointment: job, men, money-or lack of, domestic situation (actually, that’s worse than disappointment), my friends suffering the same shit I am and I’m unable to help them.

I’m more mad than depressed so, I guess, that’s good.

Gawd, I know what I have to do. I just want THE TIME to make a dent into the necessary tasks. First, I need a few days off to decompress, then I need a week off to really make some progress. Gawd, I wish I could afford to take that much time off.

I wish I could fill these empty days with things I want to do, some of which, I also need to do. Gawd, how I want to work for myself.

I’m going to have to look at the calendar and see if I can get a week off-one in which I have zero medical procedures happening.


As a side note, I had an annoying customer who I wanted to slap. He was maskless and asked me, “Why are you wearing a mask?” Inwardly, I rolled my eyes while I thought of how to tactfully answer this idiot’s question. I settled on, “Well, right now, while working, I feel more comfortable wearing a mask. I’m vaccinated, but there is that Delta variant out there.”

I didn’t say what I wanted, which was, “ I’m wearing a mask because all day long I am dealing with bozos who are science and mass media illiterate and I don’t want to come in contact with an anti-vaxer/anti-masker who is an asymptomatic Delta variant carrier.”

He wasn’t happy with my answer. He tried downplaying the existence of such a variant, or the probability of catching COVID. My response to him was, “My mother-in-law just died of it two nights ago.”

That shut him up.

P.S. I am grateful things are not worse, because I know they could be much worse.

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