My sandwich is on the grill

I should probably go check to see if it’s ready. I’m starving. I’m gettin the London Broil again, but this time on multigrain bread.

It’s been a weird day. A head cashier had to call out and we are down one cashier cause a newbie quit. Actually, I think that effects the night shift.

So, it’s been me and the opening cashier and that’s it. Luckily, the pace of shoppers has been such that we haven’t had to call for back up cashiers much-I think only three times, and that’s counting the time when they had to make that call just after I went on lunch.

I did manage to check on my transfer issue with our opening ASM (assistant store manager). He confirmed what the front end manager at Oviedo told me: my store manager coordinates with their front end manager. My store manager is off today.

Being so close to the hospital, I get to meet doctors and nurses a lot. Sometimes the conversation turns to orthopedics. Mine came up in the conversation today. A nurse was bragging about his surgical skills. This has happened multiple times. I guess I’m going to have to put something on his Facebook page.

Not now. I’m due back in six minutes.

Holy crap! I forgot to have coffee. Gotta fix that.

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