Update on Brian’s family

The other day I wrote a blog about my ex-husband’s entire family having COVID-19.

Brian lives in Tennessee, north of Knoxville. His family lives in the same house in Port Charlotte, Florida.

When Gordon, Brian’s dad died, his mom, Bev, sold their house and she moved in with her youngest (of two children) son, Jon, his wife, Beth, and their two kids, Erik, who is in college, and Michaela, who may have started college, but I’m not sure. I’m kind of out of the loop there.

Jon and I butt political heads. He’s very conservative, so is Beth. We don’t talk. Bev and Gordon and I had a great relationship. I love them dearly. I miss Brian’s dad. He was such a goof ball. Bev was the level headed one in the family.

Bev’s health really declined toward the end of 2020. She was already having respiratory problems when COVID landed in her life.

Jon, most likely, brought the virus back from Georgia, where he was attending to some Baptist youth campers. About two weeks after his return all five family members contracted the disease.

Several hours ago Brian texted me with the horrible news that his mom, who has been in COVID hospice, is going to die within the next few days. Erik, is extremely sick and on a ventilator in the hospital. Jon is very sick, but is still at home. I don’t have specific information on Beth or Michaela. So, I think they are in slightly better shape.

All of them, except Bev, are trump supporters, so I’m pretty sure no one was vaccinated. And, I’d bet my life that masks were not part of their daily wardrobe.

Since the vast majority of new COVID cases are among the unvaccinated and that many of the cases are Delta Variant infections, I’m guessing that’s what they all have.

Thus, Brian’s family are among the huge numbers of Floridians who got sick in the latest spike in virus cases. Over the last couple of days, the news emerged that Florida has 20% of all new COVID infections in the US.

This does not surprise me one teeny tiny bit. I knew when DeSantis started bragging about how, “…Florida did it right…” that he was full of shit and that this disease would rear its ugly head again.

I’m still trying not to be angry.

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