It’s been kind of a weird Sunday

It’s been an odd weekend so far.

Yesterday, I’d just gotten off work and was heading to the door when a happy surprise happened. My friend Chelle popped away from a bakery display and waved me down.

I squealed a hello and we hugged. I love these kind of surprises, especially when they occur at work, since it’s a place I’d rather not be. I’d rather be earning a living writing at my computer at home. A better home than I have now.

Chelle had just ordered a London broil panini, although when the deli associate put it into the grill, it looked more like a Dagwood sandwich (I’m old as dirt. For you young readers google, “Blondie cartoon”). She said it was delicious while she ate it at one of the store’s cafe tables outside.

We were stunned it was not boiling hot. There was a beautiful breeze and we were very comfortable.

Chelle and I spent a couple of hours together. We both shopped. There is no Sprouts near where she lives and I got her kind of hooked on that Cashew Carrot Ginger soup made by Pacific Foods. I’m telling you, it’s amazing.

Being the foodie she is, she told me the plans she has for a meal she’s making combining it with veggies and rice. She’s an excellent cook. It’s one of the things I miss about having her as a roommate.

I was even able to give her my employee discount because all Sprouts team members have a, “household discount,” card we can actually give to loved one. Target had the same thing, except that the card was assigned to a specific person. When Brian worked there I had such a card. I miss that puppy.

Whenever I’m at Target I sometimes like to make the cashiers laugh by asking,”Um, is there a discount for ex-spouses of former Target employees?” Dern, there isn’t, but, at least I get a laugh.

Chelle was in town looking at apartments in the Deltona-Orange City-Sanford area because she has had one interview over Volusia way snd had two more coming up. She feels pretty confident she’s going to get one. I sure hope so cause she’s miserable at her tax collector’s office job and she would be closer. She’s smart as hell and I know she’s destined for better things. I think it would also be better for her commercial pilot husband who works out of the airport in Sanford a lot-I think. He flies all over the world.

Later in the day, I had to pick up my roommate from Walmart, my ex-job. She’s had two flat tires for about a month. Yes, folks when you are broke, flat tires are a huge problem. I have to pick her up at 7 pm again.

In another Walmart-related issue, one of our work buddies from there, a lady who was one of my angels who hauled my butt all over when I was carless for ten months, is going through a rough time. She was so kind and helpful she’s partly responsible for getting me a new knee.-bringing me to the orthopedic’s office a lot.

I wish I could offer her money to move and do the other material things she needs to do. For now, I can give her verbal and psychological help.

This is one reason I want to be rich. I want to help everyone I love who needs a financial boost.

I spoke with her today and ascertained her situation is going to be ok for a few days. It reminded me I need to re-do my account to get a tax credit apartment.

In happier, goofy news, I turned on the tube and put on the Decades network. The network is showing a, “Love American Style,” marathon.

It’s another hideous comedy from the 70’s, and another show that would elicit an eye roll and a, “What is this drivel?” comment from my father, if he was unfortunate enough to park himself in front of the television when my friends and I were watching it.

I waited to eat cause I wanted to get my prescription from Walgreens so, I could relax and eat. I hate rushing while I’m eating. This is my objection to half hour lunches.

Thus, I went to the store first and returned home hangry. When I get like that, the littlest thing frustrates me and I get angry. My planning and judgement gets whacked. I didn’t realize how much I was pushing things.

Tomorrow I have the blood test that examines my hypoglycemia issue. I asked for it just for the medical evidence, in case something happens at work that gives me an expensive two block ambulance ride to the hospital. Breaks have not been so timely.

I guess one of today’s oddest surprises was an article on CNN about a couple of guys who wrote a three volume account of the state of pizza in America. They traveled the country and determined that Portland, Oregon is the best pizza city in the USA.

I know I miss Cafe Mingo pizza that was on NW 21st next to our apartment building. They had great snob-appeal artisan pizza. We used to get a pesto one a lot. Delish.

There IS a lot to love about Portland, Oregon.

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