Might be taking a few days off

There are just so many tasks I need to do to get my life going again.

No depression here, maybe some disappointment in the romance department, but I can’t do anything about that. I’m tired of whining and feeling shitty about my work, my home, my life.

I have to physically get busy. I’m not sure why this particular domicile sucks out so much of my energy. The sad thing is I’d rather me here at home than at work. I keep beginning tasks and then depression takes over and I don’t complete them. It’s time to not let depression win.

There is so much I need to physically do. Writing is good, but it can also be depressing when I look around my home and recognize the need for drastic improvement.

I do believe the Law of Attraction is real. I have used it for decades and it works. One key is to remain kind of neutral (yet cognitively passionate. I know it sounds contradictory) and calm and not get too obsessed. I visualize where and how I want to be living-leaving out any whos, because the Universe can only speak to the soul doing the visualizing; it can’t manifest other souls into your life because those souls have their own desires.

However, the Universe also responds to passionate, emphatic requests and one way to demonstrate that passionate, emphatic desire to move on to a better domestic situation is to take action and move my body in that direction.

There are so many things I want to write about, but for now, I have to physically move in my desired direction. One of the things I’m putting on hold is a blog I want to write about my visit with my very dear friend, Chelle.

She lives in an East Coast town and we always seem to be going through similar issues close to simultaneously. I love her so much. We hadn’t seen each other since just before this stupid pandemic stopped everyone’s lives. But, on 7/4 she drove over to Winter Park and met me after work and we tracked down a REAL coffeehouse, not a Charbucks.

It was empty, but I’m sure many people were off imbibing with a different kind of brew.

It was called Foxtails Coffee and we loved it. I’ve been holding this story in since. Hopefully, in a few days I can return with a blog on it and some other good news concerning the state of my life.

Ya’ll have a great week.

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