Strawberry cherries, coffee and a day off

Yay! I’m home. I’m embarking on a new more motivated round o purging and cleaning and organizing. That starts after more cherries and a bagel.

Note that they are from Washington state. Yumm.

I googled, “Strawberry cherries,” and posted a link in my Facebook page. The jist: they are delicious.

I’m basically, right now, melting butter on the counter so I can eat a toasted bagel with more coffee and cherries. So, I’m killing time here.

I’m tackling my organization problem one small task at a time. Looking at the the big picture, which my mind always does first (it’s a Mercury in Pisces trait, which I have. Pisces is a big picture sign) makes things seem overwhelming. I’m trying to motivate myself to do this a step at a time.

My depression has been an issue starting around December 14, 2020. That’s when my cat, Cammie, died. Then came a few overpowering health issues and a few other things that sucked out my energy. I hate the number 14 now.

So many health problems are a completely foreign land to me-and one that does not speak a language I understand. So, it’s been a battle.

I hope to get back here later with my blog about our (me snd Chelle) trip to Foxtail Coffee on July 4th.


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