Pancake emergency

We’re at the Oviedo IHOP. I’m so desperate for pancakes I am buying. We just ordered. I’m starving. I’ve only eaten a few (times a couple) of chocolate squares. I know it added up to less than 180 calories. But, that’s all I’ve eaten.

I brought my own coffee cause I’m a coffee snob. I made it at home.

Ooh, I got a small OJ. Tastes delightful after toothpaste. Mmm, yum. I guess I will have to wait till I consume more coffee to have more.

I’m returning to this WordPress spot a little at a time. I have a lot going on. I decided to sign up to be a dog walker/pet sitter. I’m comparing Wag to Rover. I met a lady customer at work yesterday who is from St. Pete, originally, and has a friend over in Pinellas who works for Rover and loves it.

I’d be an independent contractor, like drivers for Uber and Lyft. That’s how I started with Boar’s Head. So, I’m already familiar with setting aside money for taxes. But, then a boatload of stuff will be tax deductible too: fuel, some auto repairs, some of my phone, and some other stuff.

I ordered the Bacon Temptation

Food is here. Yay! I could eat my arm.

Blueberry syrup. Maple is just soooo normal.

More later. Maybe😎.

It’s 5:21 pm. I am satiated. Whew that was close. Almost had to hurt someone. Hypoglycemia is such a blast.

5:29 pm. I have blueberry syrup on my phone. Hmm, I can save it for later.

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