Oncologist, Publix is still evil and man in hot pink

Whew! Food. I was hangry.

I had my last appointment with Dr. Brudie today. She was my OBGYN oncologist. As of today, she is leaving Orlando Health Physicians Associates to start her own practice in South Florida.

I’m sad about that; I really liked her. Next month I have to go to the Orlando office on S. Orlando Avenue. I have no idea who will be taking over my case.

I hope I get a woman, and I’d like another DO, but both in the same doctor, I’m not feeling that lucky.

At least I seem to be experiencing some luck in the pre-cancerous cells realm. Dr. Brudie said those cells on my vulva are clearing up nicely. It’s the inside spot that is giving me fits. Honestly, most of the time lathering that cream on that spot has been a guessing game. I need a navigator. Lol. Another piece of good news: I lost four pounds.

I have a month to go on the cream, so next month might be a decision-making appointment. Surgery is still a slight possibility.

I also have to have an ultrasound before my next appointment. Someone from the cancer institute is going to be calling me about when and where. Shit, I still have to make the appointment for my hypoglycemia blood test.

I sat in the waiting area for awhile trying to track down the closest Walmart. I have dry eye and am out of lubricant. I was using Systane when I worked for Boar’s Head because I made a lot more money and could afford the $12 price tag. Plus, I was working at 17 different Publixes and very often I found some on deep, deep discount in their discontinued area. One of my Lake Nona (in South Orlando on the road to Kissimmee) stores was a damn gold mine of cheap stuff. It was really cool when the discontinued item rang at the original price, cause that meant it was free. It’s called the Publix Promise. If items ring up at a higher price than advertised, then it was on them. That would only work on the first of a group of such items. For example, if I was buying three liters of Coke (soda? Me? Not bloody likely) and Coke was on sale for a buck a liter and they rang at $1.25 each, that first one would be free and the other two rung at the correct price.

Publix used to advertise the Promise more prominently than now. Then again, they used to give employees more benefits. As a former Publix employee, I would always be looking out for those flubs and cheerfully tell the cashier, “I think that’s a Publix Promise issue.” Then I’d get my freebie.

When I started working at Walmart I found a store brand eye lube that was waaay cheaper and seemed to work about the same. I squeezed the last of it out of the bottle yesterday. I thought I had a back-up. Nope.

I left the cancer institute in the direction of Walmart. I crossed into Sanford when I was on Rhinehart Road and I only saw a Sam’s Club. For one of the few times in my life I found myself complaining about trees blocking my view. Rhinehart is pretty busy, so it’s not like I could have driven like a snail to scour the shopping areas for buildings or numbers on them. Then, I realized I was hungry enough to start nibbling on my steering wheel. Screw this. Rose is at work at Walmart, I thought, she owes me cash, I’ll text her with a pic and a request. I turned around at a Toyota dealership (sorry, Rose, I did NOT get you a Rav 4) and headed to the Publix I’d actually seen a sign for.

Returning to the southerly direction on Rhinehart, I saw something in the road. God, please don’t be an animal, I begged. It kind of looked like a plastic grocery bag. How, ironic, it looked like a Walmart bag. As I got closer I realized it was a turtle. Then I burst into tears cause there was no way I could stop quickly enough to save that poor turtle trying to cross the road and I knew it was going to get creamed. Just typing that made me cry. I HATE the senseless destruction of nature, especially animals.

I turned into the Publix shopping center and it was kind of like a time warp because it reminded me of the Publix I worked in on Beville Road in Daytona from 2001-2004.

Publix store number 833 on Rhinehart Rd. in Lake Mary.

I headed to the deli and there was a line. Of course, it was between 12:30 and 1:00 pm. I prided myself on not grabbing a bag of chips to bust into or burying my face in a plastic container of Publix chicken salad. The tarragon one is almost as good as sex. I think. I can’t remember.

Finally it was my turn. “I’m sorry you will have to cut this, but I’ll take a Boar’s Head London Broil on a wrap…” “I’m sorry, we’ve been out of the London Broil for a couple of weeks.” What? Out of London Broil? I almost blurted out, “Who’s your distributor? Is it Classic? Cause, I will call them and complain.” But, I restrained myself and got the Boar’s Head Rotisserie Chicken with provolone. Sniff.

I got my wrap and began perusing the chips. Then I spied the Popcorners chips on BOGO. Oh, dear God, this evil store. Now, I needed hummus. Oh look, Boar’s Head hummus on sale two for seven bucks. I hate this place. No I don’t.

Deli case in Publix #833.

I managed to get to a cashier without grabbing anything else to buy. But, I got more than what I was going to get, so Publix is still evil.

I had to use paper. I didn’t have a reusable bag. I hate when that happens. At least Publix and Sprouts have the paper option, though.

I got to my car and I realized I didn’t remember from which direction I came. Hypoglycemia: it’s not just about the shakiness. It’s also about the confusion and crankiness. I decided to pull out of the space and move in the correct direction, according to lot orientation. That brought me toward the store. Oh yay, a traffic jam. Of course it’s some lazy person looking for the space closest to the f**king store.

As I was rounding the curve into the next lane, this bright, hot pink color caught my attention. I love bright colors and really love hot pink. But, my favorite colors are purple and blue, in that order. This was a bright pink polo shirt. Wait, is that, do I know that guy? I saw him in my peripheral vision, walking fast like the dude I thought he might be walks.

Do I put my window down and holler, “Hello?” Nope, not sure if it’s him. It could be just another adorable man in a hot pink shirt and not the one I have a crush on.

I don’t get embarrassed very easily, but greeting some stranger as if I know him/her when it’s not that person is more embarrassing to me than having a boob fall out of my blouse. First of all, I usually get compliments on those. Secondly, if it turned out to be him and he didn’t act happy to see me, I’d feel like an idiot. I tend to get shy and paranoid around men I’m attracted to.

I think it was him with slightly longer hair. What a hippie! Ha! Lol! I know he works in that area. He looks good in hot pink. Sigh.

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