Closed for repairs

This isn’t the image I was looking for in my collection. It overstates reality.

I’m just taking a break. Not sure when I will be back.

Update: it’s 3:11 pm. I got cut a half hour early because it was slow. It didn’t break my heart because for about the seventh time, since I began working here in January, I was scheduled to work at least six consecutive days. There have been 7,8, and 9 day stretches. I’m so over it.

My buddy, Chelle, is here. I just got her text. She’s in the store. I was waiting on her text in the breakroom. We haven’t seen each other in waaay too long. She lives about two hours away on the East Coast.

I’m ok, I just need to refocus and concentrate on other things.

HAPPY 4th Of July💥💥💥

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