I made coffee when I got home

It’s 6:21 pm. I’ve been home going on two hours. I made coffee cause I didn’t make any this morning before my vascular appointment. I just drank a combination of a bottled chocolate (a shock, I know) protein drink and bottled “latte.” I rarely buy those things because of the misinformation they spew. But, it was a freebie from work. It’s not very good. I won’t be buying any. So, I made decaf for myself and Rose.

My little giftie from Batdorf and Bronson.

I’m going to start making my dinner soon. It’s going to be a repeat of last night-a more baked than grilled chicken and cheese sandwich.

It’s 8:40 pm. I ate my dinner. Rose left for the ER. She’s having more kidney and bladder issues. I’m visualizing my life in a new home. I want to move into a comfortable home so badly. The problem is lack of funds. I’m sick of lack of funds.

I haven’t been sleeping very good lately, so I didn’t start my application to Target. Too exhausted. Gee, I could do that tomorrow, but I got assigned a shift without my knowledge. Yeah, I have to nip this practice in the bud. I could still, at least, start it when I get home tomorrow.

Along the same lines, I decided that I need to get my hypoglycemia completely documented because of the shoddy break arrangements at Sprouts. Basically, the arrangements are: no breaks for 4.5 hours. By the time I get my lunch I’m dizzy, confused and angry.

I vowed to get the hypoglycemia test authorized by my primary care physician. I was going to be driving past there a on an errand after the doctor’s appointment. I decided to pop in and try to get an appointment with Dr. Lauridsen. That didn’t work out so good. The receptionist who I know as a Walmart customer, said she could take down what days would work for me and if there was a cancellation she could call me.

There were some appointments available for tomorrow and Friday, but I’m scheduled to work. So, I left hoping I’d get a call about a cancellation.

After leaving, because he’s right next door, I thought about popping in on my orthopedic to say, “Hello,” to him and his staff, but he’s usually slammed. I’ve joked before that it’s as if they are giving away tickets to a Pink Floyd concert or a Zeppelin reunion. He’s just be too busy.

It was time to go to my ex-employer, Walmart. I needed a bathroom scale because last night (more like early this morning) I joined the Healthy Wager program. You decide how much you want to lose and how long you want to take to get there and you bet a monthly dollar amount that you choose. At the end, if you reach your goal, you win cash. And if you go beyond what you bet on, you will more cash.

The site even stresses that you should strive to lose no more than two pounds per week. I picked losing 65 pounds over 12 months at $15 a month. The program calculated that my net winnings would be over $400.

Testimonials showed people have won multiple thousands of dollars. All of those winners were pretty huge to start with, though.

I have to say that the financial aspect already has me motivated-not the winning so much as the paying part. If I’m going to pay $15 a month, I’m going to optimize my chances.

I’ve been reading about this program for awhile and mulling it over. Last night I said to myself, “Fuck it, I have to get rid of this weight. Finally.”

I will do my weigh-in tomorrow.

During my drive from the doctor’s to Walmart, I thought about how pissed I was at being saddled with a shift I didn’t ask for. I decided to try and get an appointment for tomorrow, even if it meant calling out. So, I called Dr. Lauridsen’s office and asked about tomorrow’s available times.

She’s going to have a substitute for Thursday and Friday, but I don’t care because it’s mainly to get the authorization.

There was a 4:15 pm slot open. That worked. Tomorrow’s unwanted shift is from 8:30-3:00. I took it. I am still half tempted to call out, though.

I am grateful to have a job, but I (and everyone else) deserves to be treated respectfully. I’m not getting that right now.

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