Vascular checkups in Maitland

Fish tank in waiting area.

NOTE: I’m writing this as it’s happening. At 5:50 pm. It’s done.

I’m at Dr. Adcock’s office to check on my leg veins and arteries. It’s been about 6.5 months since the venous ablation on my left leg. And, the right one is going to be evaluated. I actually think the right one is not as bad as it was even in December.

I got to don the beautiful navy blue paper shorts. The nurse and I had fun joking that they should really should be on a bone thin runway model. I’m sure they would be a huge hit.

I know ya’ll are jealous.

I think I’m going to be here for about three hours. I think that’s how long it was last time.

The vein check isn’t really that uncomfortable. They do that with a standard ultrasound-I’m pretty sure. The arterial one can get slightly uncomfortable. They put cuffs, like blood pressure cuffs on both my legs-four cuffs per leg. The thigh area is where most of the pressure is slightly painful during the test. I want to be healthy; I don’t care how much it hurts.

The office in Maitland off US 17/92.

It is 1:01. I got called back. Nurse is starting the venous ultrasound now. The demonic noises that come through the speakers are so bizarre. I think they are more pronounced during the arterial portion of the show.

I am just now getting the warm KY Jelly put on my right leg. She did the upper part right where my leg meets my crotch. Then she did behind the right knee. Now she’s doing the right calf. It’s 1:21 pm.

1:32 pm. Now, it’s time for the left leg. I just got a craving for fried chicken. No laughing. I really did. Publix deli fried chicken.

It’s 1:49 pm. I still want fried chicken. The left leg is done. Now, something different. Taking the pulse of my toes?? Yes, that’s what she said.

Aww, now my toes are getting cute little cuffs put on. This didn’t happen last summer. Hmm, I hope it’s not a bad sign.

I hear cables hitting the floor. It reminds me of putting lights on the Christmas tree. It’s freezing in here. For me to be freezing, it’s has to really be freezing.

Oh goodie. Here come the cuffs.

Both legs done. I had to walk back and forth in the exam room for five minutes. Cuffs are back on in three places to check blood pressure after exercise. I guess some concepts of exercise are are different than other.

Screen with results after my walk.

I’m done. But, this blog isn’t. It’s 2:26 pm.

It’s 2:37 pm and I’m in my car. I will fiddle with this blog more when I get home.

I didn’t realize I parked like an old lady.

4:49 pm. I’m back from the vascular appointment and doing some errands, which will be the subject of another blog.

I’m glad this appointment didn’t turn out to be as long as my very first one, which was done in August, I think. I guess I will have to check last year’s blogs. Holy crap, it’s been a year since this vein issue began seeing some progress.

I’ve had a pitting (pitted-or is that just for olives and apricots?) edema. I actually started having it as far back as 2009. I didn’t know what it was and I had no insurance or resources to get it looked at.

I was in the middle of my financial breakdown and moving back to Orlando after being in Daytona and Edgewater for a year and a half. So, it was way down the list of things to get done. My head was constantly spinning; my compass was bonkers. I was depressed because the anthropology degree was definitely going on hold. I’d even made an A in my first graduate level class-as an undergrad. The other undergrad in the class, a guy, and I got the highest grades in Dr. Zorn’s Cultural Anthropology Seminar. We had six books for that class. That was down from the original eight, I was told. It turned out to be the last class I took with Dr. Zorn. Unfortunately, her cancer returned and she died about two years later. I was distraught. Anyway, I was just trying to survive. Getting this swelling issue, which I knew must be circulatory.

I found out what I had on my first visit to my orthopedic’s office to get my knee evaluated. I’d had insurance restored and had seen a couple of extra doctors who looked at my legs and were mystified.

That first visit at Hudanich Orthopedics, with Dr. Ron’s ARNP, Jamie, was transformative. He took one look at my legs and said, “Oh, it’s pitting edema.” I thought holy crap, he’s an ARNP, not a doctor and he KNOWS. I knew I was in the right place; I knew I’d done the right thing firing my last two primaries before being about to return to Dr. Lauridsen’s care. She has the office next door and gave me the referral to Dr. Hudanich. She’s also amazing.

Fast forward to today. I had my venous ablation on my left leg in December and the right leg wasn’t as bad, so Dr. Adcock wanted to wait before deciding on the right leg. It’s nice to have doctors who don’t just see dollar signs when they see patients. I swear the attitudes of most doctors over the last twenty years have so vastly improved. I find that I deal with way less ego than back in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s as if they really CARE!

Back on topic. Those tests are done and I return on August 3rd for the results. That was the first available appointment.

This pretty wraps up this little bloggy.

I still want fried chicken. It’s 5:43 pm.

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