Princess is gone

She is meeting Cammie.

I met Rose at the Emergency Vet Hospital in Oviedo. The staff had put Rose in touch with a pet rescue organization that paid for the veterinary evaluation.

She brought her here to the hospital, where we are now, around 8 pm tonight. It was just as I thought-a neurological issue. It made her legs very weak and took away most of her eyesight.

Princess crashed on my pillow last Summer.

I was at home trying to expel the brick in my gut that is last night’s dinner and periodically texting Rose about Princess’s status.

We finally connected on a call and it was as bad as I thought it would be and the vet recommended euthanasia. It a horrible, shitty decision to have to make and I totally supported Rose in her decision to peacefully end Princess’s life.

The vet did just that with three or four separate shots about 20 minutes ago. It is now 1:13 am.

This is all too familiar to me after losing Cammie last December. Princess was also about 17 years old.

She was a very sweet cat.

I cried at her leaving us and I also cried for the loss of my own sweet, goofy cat.

This completely sucks.

Everyone was very kind and caring here.

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