Changing jobs?

It’s so sad when you loathe your home, but you so would rather be there than at work. That’s how I feel. Rose feels the same about her job at Walmart.

Sprouts management did it again. A couple of days ago, I was scheduled to be off on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Yes, it’s an extra day off, but psychologically, I need it.

Last night, just to make sure, I looked at my schedule because today’s shift was 11:30-7 and not the usual 8:30-3 that I’ve been working every shift fir about two months. Sure enough, I was given a shift on Thursday. It’s 8:30-3. Today’s shift stays the same. I’m due in at 11:30.

I’m not the only one who has been ambushed in this manner. A co-worker I will call Cindy told me that she’d given at least a month’s notice of needing last weekend off to go to a wedding out of state. She was to be a bridesmaid. The request had been granted.

When the schedule for last week got posted, she discovered she had been scheduled to work during her approved time off. She went to Yolanda and was told the same song and dance Yolanda gave me a week or so ago (the weeks blend together) when I also was scheduled for a day off I’d made plans for.

In both cases, no one either told us or asked us if we could work on our previously scheduled off days.

This is pure bullshit. And from I’ve heard, it’s a very common practice in this Sprouts.

I decided that tomorrow one applying at Target. It’s over two dollars an hour more and not what I want to be doing, but the writing jobs I do badly want will take awhile to land or to begin making a living with.

I thought about transferring to the Oviedo Sprouts and that’s still a possibility, but I might as well try for something that pays better and is also in Oviedo.

I’m not sure if Cynthia ended up calling out, or if she was able to get removed from the schedule. I know she did go to the wedding. I’m glad about that. It’s not fair or good to mess with people’s lives like that. And, that’s what it is. It’s not just screwing with your schedule; it’s screwing with plans to spend time with friends or family, or just be a bum. Everyone needs that every so often.

Oviedo Target store on Red Bug Lake Road in Oviedo

I’m just going to have to be more vigilant with taking screenshots of my schedules when they come out.

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