What a crappy few days

When will it end?

Yesterday, Rose had to euthanize her cat, Princess. The vet said it was likely she had a neurological tumor, probably in the brain. I know how Rose feels. Horrible sense of loss. A hole in her heart and in her life.

Two days ago I discovered I got screwed by my Sprouts boss again. I had three days off. Now, without my permission, I was assigned a shift on Thursday. Apparently, this does not happen to only me and it is not confined to only the front end. Employees in other departments get the proverbial post up the ass also. It makes me depressed and angry that I will have to look for new work, cause I ain’t putting up with this crap. Yolanda (my immediate boss, close to her real name) approached me and said, “I’m asking everyone to check their schedules everyday for changes. I didn’t even know I was working today…” I let her trail off because she was speaking this in kind of cutesy voice because she was dumb enough to think that would mute the blow. Also, she’s a manipulator; I realized that awhile ago. That fact is depressing, too.

Just now, within the last half an hour (it’s currently 4:16 pm in Florida) I learned the results of my skin biopsy that was done last week. It’s another squamous cell carcinoma. I just also scheduled that surgery. Dr. Jeff is going to do it on Monday August 8th. That’s his first open availability, but I was put on a list to get an earlier spot if there is a cancellation. I guess I can look forward to hearing more Rush while he cuts a hole in my shoulder. He’s a great doctor (almost as good as my orthopedic). Because of where it is, I might have to limit my movement. I included that knowledge in my request for time off that I just made. I asked for three days off. Just because. Oh, this time around I will be taking antibiotics to ward off possible infection that could invade my fake knee. I guess those little buggers like man made body parts. The f**kers.

I’m generally depressed.

Tomorrow I have two vascular tests done by Dr. Adcock. That will be about a three hour deal. Oh yay!

I’m also worried about a man I care about very much who I think might also be depressed. But, I can’t help him because …..well, because….of our current relationship I am not SUPPOSED to care. I think. ❤️❤️ to you, if you get this message. I think you know who you are.

Sorry to be cryptic, everyone. It’s the nature of the beast.

I have a sinus headache. What else is new? I live in The Humidity State. I’m out of antihistamines. I have to got to the store. Yay. I have to get out of my jammie-like clothes.

More later. I’m going downstairs to make Rose and I some eggs and bagels. She’s having a blast with statistics.

Oh yeah, I’m in Facebook Jail for posting this:

Facebook is so stupid.

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