Not a happy day in our home

I was going to write a kind of whimsical blog about the events of my day.

However, when I got home, my roommate, Rose, asked me to go look at her cat. “Why? What’s going on?”

She began describing behavior that sounded as if she’s having a serious neurological problem. From what she described it sounds like some sort of feline version of Parkinson’s Disease. Rose has even less money than I do.

Princess is having trouble even standing or moving her head. Rose was just upstairs spending time with with her. I told her that it would be good to watch Princess and figure out what needs to be done. Plus, Princess is probably freaking out inwardly and could use comfort from her caregiver.

Rose, just returned and reported that Princess is going under the bed and hiding. That’s exactly what my Cammie did last December. Cammie died while I was on the phone arranging euthanasia. I was devastated. I know how Rose is feeling.

Rose called the emergency vet in Oviedo to enquire about euthanasia costs. They are having a rescue organization call Rose. We are waiting on that call now.

The thought of any animal being in any degree of pain hurts me to my core.

My experience losing Cammie has made me decide to take a break from pet parenting until I am more solvent. I live in fear of just this kind of situation arising.

I just can’t have an animal unless I have the funds for veterinary care. Not anymore. Cammie dying completely wiped me out emotionally. I was on auto pilot for months. God only knows how Cammie was feeling.

Right now I wish Rose’s phone would ring.

Princess, in about November 2020.

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