Breakfast appetizer

It has oranges. They are a breakfast food.

Two and a quarter squares. That’s it. I ate almost zero chocolate yesterday and I was even hypoglycemic twice-once at work and later being stressed over Princess. That’s Rose’s cat. (FB friends know her by her real name).

At least it wasn’t a donut. Not really a fan of donuts. But, I’ve been caught grazing on a random jelly or cream-filled. Now, don’t wave a danish under my nose. Then I’m a goner.

My cutting way back on the evil cookies from work is starting to pay off a bit. My face is a little thinner. Still I wish I had the money to go full-blown Adkins for awhile. The first two weeks wipes out ALL of my cravings. I think my body responds to it so well because it REALLY likes protein. When I workout I put on muscle mass easily.

Waiting on eleven cups of coffee to brew-only five of those scoops are caffeinated. Organic Sumatra Blend. “Blend,” means multiple coffee estates contributed. It can also mean a mix of varietals. But, this has only one: Indonesian, specifically, Sumatran. My favorite, although, I love Celebes and Java, too.

I got a load of laundry going. Oh the joy.

Time for real food.

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