I’m home from my fun-filled shift at Sprouts. My sinus headache is returning. Oh yay!

I am going to brew some decaf coffee. I have a craving. I actually didn’t make any coffee this morning. I know. Someone take my temperature, I might be sick. I slummed with yesterday’s leftovers.

We finally had enough cashiers scheduled this morning-three, plus a head cashier. Whoa! I even got a ten -minute break. But, of course, with extra cashiers scheduled, for a change, we were slow. We started getting slammed 15 minutes before my shift ended.

Boxes were the most exciting part of my day. I snagged three from one of our managers who was stocking stuff near the bulk department.

Boxes. Yes, Universe, I’m serious. I want to move to a happy, clean, comfortable home. Send resources, please.

I might write something else later tonight. If I can’t get rid of this headache, I will be crashing early.

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