A surprising find

Looking for things to toss into the laundry that I haven’t worn in awhile I found this shirt.

I used to work there-Skipper’s Smokehouse. It’s in Tampa and is legendary. I’m so proud to have been a mullet. That’s what Skipper’s employees, and ex-employees are.

Skipper’s was one of the jobs I had that spoke so deeply into the core of my being that it helped forge my identity. Thinking about it right now, I am crying.

I worked there from 1986 to 1992. Those were great years. I left in 1992 to move to Portland with, Brian, my new husband.

Wow! The memories floating back to me. All good ones. Except for getting hit on every night I worked. All of us women got hit on.

It was a place that attracted a lot of college students, either on Spring break or out for Summer. Many of those students were from the Nottheast or Midwest.

A lot of them were from schools in New York City, Michigan, Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. I have this one memory of talking to this group of guys from Villanova. It stuck in my mind because I knew it was a great school. My dad used to mention it-he was working in Philly when I was born. It also stayed with me because I was born in Philly.

I used to entertain the thought of going to grad school in Pennsylvania until I fell in love with the idea of moving to Oregon.

Wow! Memories rushing back.

For now, I’m tossing the laundry in and going to the store for my medical supplies.


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