Waiting for coffee to brew

Coffee cherries. It’s the
seed inside that is the coffee bean.
Coffee cherries.

I’ll just have my last two squares of Burnt Caramel chocolate bar that I bought at work. Twenty percent off for Employee Appreciate Week. That makes it taste even better.

Pronounced, “ka-cow,” not “co-co.”

I looked at the inside of the wrapper and thought, hmm, have I ever seen photos of cacao beans?

Thus, I googled some photos of cacao trees. The pods are huge. The trees not so much. I guess they are well hung. Haaa, I crack myself up.

Future chocolate.

Coffee is done. Nectar of the gods.

Chelle got me this mug in Tennessee. She was born there. It seems like everyone I know has a Tennessee connection.

I’m drinking mostly this. The brew I made is half decaf Eight O’Clock. I need to reach the optimum caffeination level so as not to hurt people. Too much defeats the purpose.

I like paper bulk coffee bags cause they are recyclable. This is Organic Sumatra Blend. I splurged on twenty percent discount day last Saturday.

A final word on chocolate. I told ya so.

Ain’t it the truth? People who don’t like chocolate need therapy, and yet, I thank them for leaving more chocolate for me.

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