I’m home and have a huge headache

It was 85 degrees F on the way home and I was chilly. This isn’t good. I’m never chilly, unless I’m dealing with a jerk or pissed off at someone. Or I get terrified that the adorable man who I think is flirting really isn’t; I sort of go into freeze mode until he does something that so obviously indicates attraction, I have to respond in kind. Then the ice kind of breaks. I tend to also think the dilated pupils I am seeing are an illusion. Yes, I get that afraid of getting hurt.

Right now, my hurt is my $&@$(;:”&$)(;: head. I took a decongestant right before I left Sprouts. I has done NOTHING.

Beside the huge headache, I’m chilly, and my sinuses are stuffed. My head hurts if I cough or clear my throat. Oh yay!

I haven’t had a cold (or the flu-only had that four times in my life) since I moved into this hideous apartment four and a half years ago.

I’ve had a few sinus infections which can be explanned by my deviated septum and use of a CPAP machine fir sleep apnea. I wash the parts everyday, but there are probably times when I don’t get it as clean as I should.

I hope I’m not getting sick. I’m sitting in my living room with the air conditioning running at the usual 74 degrees and I have goosebumps.

I think I’m going to bed very early tonight.

I have a dermatologist appointment with Brooke, one of Dr. Jeff’s ARNP’s, tomorrow at 3:15 pm. It’s a follow up. I have them every six months because of the two lesions he cut out of me in early 2019.

I currently have three spots she has to look at. One I think is just a zit. Yeah, I will be breaking out with acne until I croak at a very ripe age. Yay for oily skin. At least it keeps wrinkles away.

I’m going to go take a hot shower. I hope it helps my head.


An unrelated pic. I just loved the sky over Red Bug Lake Road at Tuskawilla Road in Winter Springs on my ride home today.

It is now 11:16 pm. I’m getting ready for bed. My head hurts so bad. I used my Neti pot twice and ate some cashew, carrot, ginger soup because I love it and the ginger seems to help loosen up my sinuses. It did for about an hour. I’m clogged again.

Stayed up later than I wanted, but still going to bed earlier than usual.

On a recent drive home. Thunderheads under construction. Winter Park.

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