Today’s eclectic activities, and Publix is still evil

I had my dermatology appointment today at 3:15. However, $&@)(;:, I was five minutes late because I forgot my )($&@(;: mask and had to go back and get one. I hadn’t gone far. I was still on my street.

The lobby of the medical building where my dermatologists office is in Oviedo.

I’ve been vaccinated, but a dermatologist office has patients of all ages, some of whom might not be vaccinated. Everyone in Dr. Jeff’s office was wearing a mask.

That wasn’t the case at my orthopedic’s office, but most (probably) of his patients are in that group who got the first vaccinations. I still wore my mask there last month. I just don’t trust the anti-vaxxers. I’m glad I haven’t quite reached that age group.

Speaking of age, Brooke, one of Dr. Jeff’s ARNP’s, her assistant and I talked a bit about age as she was freezing questionable spots on my glow-in-the-dark skin. One spot that I thought was going to have to biopsied she described as, “Just something you get as you age.” “Great, why doesn’t my body agree with my mind that I’m still thirty?” She laughed and said, “Then you’re thirty.” Yeah, if only it was that easy. “My spiritual animal is a juvenile delinquent. It’s not fair,” I countered. “Oh, I love that,” she said.

The exam went well until she reached my left upper back, near my shoulder. Yay. “Hmm, what’s this?” “What, you found something?” “Yes.” “What color is it?” “Pinkish brown.” “Oh goodie.”

I hate leaving any doctor’s office with instructions.

That thing got the signed permission to get biopsied rather than the liquid nitrogen. Yay, again.

“I keep asking Santa for some melanin every Christmas. I think he stops at an all night bar before he gets to my house.”

Honestly, I seem to attract guys who are fixated on the Victorian era who love my alabaster skin. That, or maybe they just like to be able to locate me easily in the dark. My complexion and Florida do not mix.

Thus, once again 2021 is sucking. I will get the biopsy results in a week, or so. I think.

From there I went to my second home: the Publix in Winter Springs. I went there for decongestant, purified and spring waters. This is what I left with.

The bag with the obscured inside contains my BOGO Northland juice.

I ended up getting more Activia yogurt, a couple of nanners, blueberries, the stuff I actually went there for, and this little gem.

Yes, Universe, I’m serious. I want to move to a home I will love and hang this puppy in my screened-in lanai. Are you listening? Send luck and funds now. Thank you.

I love wind chimes. I love wind. The atmospheric kind, not the burrito-induced kind. I love it when a huge thunderstorm is moving in and the wind goes nuts blowing tree branches every which way.

One of the things I missed about Florida, when I lived in Oregon, was the sound of bushy palm fronds blowing and scratching against their trunks or against walls. I love the initial winds of an oncoming hurricane and watching it blow from inside a safe structure. I don’t stand next to the window long. I have seen things get blown through windows during a hurricane. Scary power there.

Just before I left Publix I went to the lottery counter and got my tickets checked. About half of them were winners. Don’t get excited; they were free ticket winners. I won two free Fantasy 5 tickets and a surprise, a free Florida Lotto ticket. I almost never play that game. I bought one last week in a what the hell moment.

I like to check online and see what numbers I matched and see where I bought them.

News flash! I got zero chocolate at Publix.

I got home with my Publix loot and my dermatology instructions. I still haven’t received the second stimulus check, but last week I got a notice of a pending US Treasury deposit of $43. It’s the interest earned from my 2019 refund. I didn’t expect that because it was partly my fault the return was in hiatus. I’ll take it.

I got junk instead.

Yeah, right. Capitol One needs to get a clue.

I got a happy surprise when I reached my front door. A plant I’ve had for over a month that I have not killed blossomed. I think the earth’s rotation just reversed.

Maybe there’s hope for me and Robert Plant. Yeah, right. I ain’t delusional.

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