12:28 pm lunch & it’s going to rain

Looking at outside through the breakroom window.

It’s now 12:31 pm. I have ten minutes till I’m due back. I’m so over these rushed lunches.

I will probably have the second half of my sandwich at home. It’s easier to save than the cut avocado.

Six minutes left. I’m so done working someone else’s schedule.

More later.

It actually did start raining toward the end of my lunch.

This set of doors are adjacent to Lane (register) 1. Cashiers who arrive at 8:30 am are assigned to Lane 1, as are cashiers scheduled to close.

It’s 3:14 pm. I clocked out at 3:05. At the last minute a woman with a full cart entered my register lane with two Instacart orders. Instacart shoppers are an eclectic group many of them, I’m sure, were repeatedly dropped on their heads as children. Some of them can be cool. They are usually the artsy or nerdy types. Then there are older people who really are modern-technology -challenged; they could easily be confused for the first group-the ones with permanent cranial scar tissue-but, the generational cues are there for the reading.

I’m just glad my shift ended. I’m actually sitting in the pre-COVID breakroom letting the dust settle in my mind so, I can decide if I need to buy anything from here before I get into my car and drive away.

It’s 3:28 pm. I thought of a couple of things I want. Headed to the sales floor.

It’s 5:52 pm. I’ve been home for awhile. Waiting on a call from a friend, but I think I will go take my shower. I exhausted from being exhausted. Hey, I’m a cat! They get so exhausted from all that heavy duty sleeping they do. Gotta love them. Cats are so bizarre.

I didn’t get my Sugarbaby watermelon because they were too huge. Our refrigerator is ridiculous. It is so overfilled, I become furious each time I have to look for something in there. I get tired of emptying it, removing and scrubbing the shelves and insides only to have it refilled and unorganized within a week.

Locally grown Sugarbabies.

In case you have not heard of these melons before, I will post some photos. I just learned of them last week. They are so dark green they can look black. I’ve been told they are juicier and sweeter.

I thought about getting one and giving half to a neighbor, but I don’t like my neighbors-well, the family next door are ok. But, then, I’m back to the same problem of lack of fridge space.

It’s time to attract money and move. C’mon, Universe, I got a Cash 4 Life ticket at the 7-11 on the way home.

Speaking of the 7-11: I stopped there to put air in my tires. There was this sweet Puerto Rican man putting air in the tires of his old white Toyota Tacoma truck. I loved the way he said, with his cute accent, “Yeah, I have to drive all the way to Kissimmee.” That’s a haul. He got done with his tires and then stopped in front of my left front tire and asked, “This one?” He still had time/air left in the machine. He filled up the two on the left. He declined my offer of money. There was still air coming out of the hose, so I filled the right front tire. The fourth one looked good. I thanked him and said, “You have a safe trip.” What a sweetie.

There still are a few nice people in the world.

I still hope my Cash 4 Life ticket is a grand prize winner!!! I want a new, better, happy home!!!!!!!!!🍀🍀🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

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